Many people believe that Photoshop is merely a software tool for editing photographs, but Photoshop is a powerful drawing and painting tool, too, and it is the only Adobe product that you can be leased for $9.95 per month.

Photoshop is a highly sophisticated program, and anyone can learn to create an amazing array of visual effects with it. An experienced designer can learn to combine images and to remove undesirable objects from a photo.

 An experienced designer can learn to combine images and to remove undesirable objects from a photo.

 Both adults and kids can learn to use Photoshop to jazz up posters, websites, Etsy shops, and Pinterest pages.

I have several blog sites, a Pinterest page, and a Youtube channel, and to improve those sites, I use Photoshop several times every day.

But I also use Photoshop to create images.

I created all of these Halloween images with Photoshop shape tools and by manipulating the color palettes in the program.

Learning to draw with paper and pencil is learning to put shapes and lines together, and drawing with Photoshop is exactly the same thing.

Because the art workplace is becoming more and more a matter of digital design [learning to use Photoshop and Illlustrator], I recommend that children begin learning to use Photoshop very early. Photoshop is a way to learn to see more visually.

Photoshop is also a way to learn to think more creatively and to learn creative problem-solving.

Photoshop is a computer program, and it is yet another way to increase one’s computer performance, but it is also a valid way of making art.

At Jacki Kellum Studios, I am offering private classes in Photoshop. After a month of classes, I recommend that my students subscribe to Photoshop so that they can practice at home. I’ll provide plenty of homework suggestions for my students.

If you buy Photoshop in a package that includes all the other Adobe products, like Illustrator and the rest of the crew, the cost is $49.95 per month. And all of the other products can be leased individually for $19.95 per month. At least for the time being, Adobe has reduced the cost of the Photoshop software to $9.95, and I believe that they did that to help people realize how easy it is to learn how to use Adobe software and to also learn how invaluable the Adobe products are.

Call me today, and begin loving to learn to create in a digital way.

©Jacki Kellum September 24, 2017