One of the first things that I teach new students is how to draw and shade in color. I use Prismacolor Premiere or professional colored pencils to teach shading in color, and after a student grasps that simple concept, painting is a cinch.

Michelangelo said: Painting is Colored Drawing

I begin to teach shading with simple exercises, and with younger kids, I use Mark Kistler’s book Imagination Station.

On the first day of class, the students will draw and shade this furry creature with pencil.


During the second class, we’ll draw the Knight that is comprised of shaded spheres and cylinders.

Drawing trees is nothing more than drawing cylinders, pyramids, and spheres, and shading trees is no more difficult than shading the Knight of the Drawing Table.

This is the first class group of classes for the Jacki Kellum Create a Magical Kingdom Series.

Session Two of the Jacki Kellum Create A Magical Kingdom Series: Draw, Shade, and Paint a Cottage for the Kingdom.

In the second session, students will be taught how to draw houses in perspective.



In Session 3, the students will draw and paint a castle.

Each session will require about 6 weeks of study.

The cost for private study with Jacki Kellum is $30 per hour. For classes with 4 students, the cost is $20 per hour per student.

For more information or to reserve a spot in one of these classes, call Jacki Kellum at 609-204-9528

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