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Mine Your Memories: Find Your Voice.

Mine Your Memories, the 36-Day Free Memoir Challenge, is designed to help writers reclaim their intuitive voices, which lie within their pasts.

Each day, the writer will be offered a different writing prompt that will help him to recall the things that were central to his becoming who he is. In creating through those memories, the writer’s mind will be recharged and the writer himself will learn how to channel his unique voice, which is locked within his memory.

The writing assignments are not difficult and should not require a great deal of time. In fact, they are fairly open-ended, so that each writer can tailor the prompt to fit his own circumstances.

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” – William Faulkner

Most of us would like to forget or bury some of the chapters of our pasts, but that is not actually possible. In trying to forget who we are and where we have been, we only succeed in numbing ourselves and killing our authentic writing voices.  The secret to becoming a better writer is to tap into your past and harness it and allow it to sail you forward.