Girl with a Pearl Earring – Painted in 1665 by Johannes Vermeer intrigues viewers in the 21st Century. Vermeer’s use of the color blue distinguished him from other painters during his time.

On October 22, 2017, a magnificent Vermeer exhibit is coming to the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. Here, and to prepare myself and others for that exhibit, I am leading a book club discussion of the book Girl with Pearl Earring during the month of September, 2017. The exhibit began at the Louvre and in June, it opens in Ireland. Although the exhibition does not include the painting Girl with A Pearl Earring, it does include 10 other of Vermeer’s pieces, which is about 1/3 of his total body of work.

Although the book Girl with A Pearl Earring, is fiction, it is credible, historical fiction and a worthy complement to an understanding of  the life of Vermeer.

The movie is well done, and the costumes and setting allow us to virtually enter Vermeer’s world. The movie Girl with a Pearl Earring was made from the book, which is about the subject of the Vermeer painting of the same name. Capturing 17th Century Holland and the rich still life of Vermeer’s work, the photography is excellent. A young peasant maid working in the house of painter Johannes Vermeer becomes his talented assistant and the model for one of his most famous works. Nominated for 3 Academy Awards.

©Jacki Kellum May 30, 2017