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In 1841, James Fenimore Cooper’s book The Deerslayer was published, but that book was written about the period between the 1740s and the 1750s. The Deerslayer is an example of Historical Fiction. The Deerslayer was the final of Cooper’s five books that comprise The Leatherstocking Tales, but it represents the earliest part of that history. Click on the following link to find my overview of the Leatherstocking Tales on this site:

You can read the entire book The Deerslayer Free Online by Clicking on the Following Link to Its Location in the Gutenberg Books:

When you follow the above link [in a different color], you can click on each chapter, one chapter at a time.

You can hear the book on tape, as it was recorded by Librivox. Again, for the Audio Book, click on one of the Parts at a time:

Part 1 Includes Chapters 1 through 3

Part 2 Begins with Chapter 4

Part 3 Begins with Chapter 7

Part 4 Begins with Chapter 10

Part 5 Begins with Chapter 13

Part 6 Begins with Chapter 16

Part 7 Begins with Chapter 19

Part 8 Begins with Chapter 22

Part 9 Begins with Chapter 25

Part 10 Begins with Chapter 28

Part 11 Begins with Chapter 31