Approximately 500 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute, and that number has steadily increased. In addition, videos are also uploaded to Vimeo, Facebook, and blog sites. The digital movie industry is a big business, but the competition in that market is fierce. Yet, it is reasonable that anyone who is marketing online needs to examine the potential of harnessing digital video  as a means to help them attain their business goals. The use of digital video is also becoming more and more popular in education.

A couple of years ago, Youtube marketers needed to invest in sophisticated sound equipment to make their online movies,podcasts, and movie clips, but that is no longer the case. Because of the  free, but sophisticated voice recording app Voice Record Pro, everyone can turn a corner of their lodging or office space into an almost professional recording studio. If the movie maker also uses the Free Software Audacity, the quality of his sound will become better still. I’ll be sharing information about Audacity later today, but in this post, I’ll tell you what you need to know about Voice Record Pro.

If you watch the following video, you can be professionally recording your own voice in minutes. Although the following video only mentions iPhone, the instructions for using the app Video Recorder Pro with the Ipad are essentially the same.

About three years ago, I tried to make some videos of myself teaching how to use Photoshop, and I bought an expensive microphone and paid for some expensive software to do the job. The sound quality of my videos was terrible,  a few minutes ago, I downloaded Video Recorder Pro and recorded my voice with both my iPhone 6s+ and my Ipad Pro. I was stunned at how much the recording sounded like me.

I’ll review what is said in the above video.

  1. The voice recorder that comes standard with Iphones in Voice Memos is not adequate for professional sound recordings.

voice-pro-screenshot2. Voice Record Pro and not Voice Recorder Pro 7 or any other similar name is the app that you want to download.


3. Before you begin recording, gointo your Iphone’s settings, and select Airplane Mode. This will also turn off your Wi-Fi. You will need to remember to turn the Airplane Mode back off, but while your device is on Airplane Mode, you will not receive calls or messages.



4. When you click the Record button, you will see a screen where that shows you the Present Recording Settings. You will need to migrate to the Advance options and enter the above numbers in the fields provided.

©Jacki Kellum August 31, 2016