Bushkill Falls is one of the bezillion waterfalls in the Poconos, and that entire region is about to explode into its annual display of fall color. Every year, I post all of the latest info about the leaf changes on my blog, and since the whole thing is just beginning to unfold, I’ll begin to share what I have discovered about Leaf Watching in the Poconos.

Poconos Leaf Report for September 21, 2017

Only part of Pennsylvania is comprised of the Pocono Mountain Region;


On a map made in 1749, the Poconos region is labeled as the Land of Endless Mountains.


If you study the entire map carefully, you will see that the Poconos’ Endless Mountains are in Pennsylvania, and they begin less than an hour above Philadelphia, and near the top of the state.

Resica Falls Is Near Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls is in the northern part of Pennsylvania, but there are waterfalls all along the Delaware River from the Lehigh Valley and North. As the map says, this is the Land of Endless Mountains and on the East Coast, when the mountains are endless, the waterfalls are, too.

For the purposes of leaf changing dates, the Poconos is divided into three parts. A continuously updating map and fall foliage report is at the following Poconos Mountains site Here  

The fall foliage report is also available by calling 570-421-5565.

The Northern parts of the Poconos will be in peak color on October 16, 2017.

The Central and Southern parts of the Poconos will be in peak color between October 14-20.


Hickory Run Park is in White Haven, Pennsylvania, which is in the northern part of the state.


This old church is in the woods at Hickory Run Park.

Tobyhanna State Park


Bender Swamp at Tobyhanna

Tobyhanna is one of the best places to watch the leaves change, and it is only 36 miles away from Hickory Run. Resica Falls is South and East of Tobyhanna. Again, Resica Falls is near Bushkill Falls.

I live on the Jersey Shore, which is the Land of the Endless Sand Dunes, but I can drive less than 3 hours and be in the center of the Fall Foliage Display. I try to make that pilgrimage every year, and today, I am looking at my calendar and trying to decide when I’ll go this year. Wanna Join Me?

Ode to My Autumn Leaf – My September Song

September Song
by Jacki Kellum

I just took a nap for my mind, to see,
Flickering fae breath blew in, restored me.
Visions of sugarplums danced, set me free.
Sang me that September song.

Rain showers dripped down through the limbs of a tree.
Moonbeams and crystal shards lit up my sea.
Soft webs and angel hair dropped down from a flea,
And tow-tugged my leaf-boat along.

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©Jacki Kellum September 22, 2017