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How to Cut or Trim Away Parts of a Video in Movie Maker and How to Fade


A couple of days ago, I was in New York City and with my iPhone 7s Plus, I captured a few seconds of video footage. Before that day, I had been afraid to use the video feature of my iPhone. It was very simple, and I wish that I had recorded for a longer time. When I got home, I had to figure out how to Upload the video to Youtube. The initial video caught the top of a bald man’s head, and it ended abruptly. I learned how to edit the video to eliminate those issues, and this is what I learned:

To get the movie on my computer, I used the free software Clip Grab and saved it in a file that I prepared for it on my computer.

I opened Movie Maker [also a free program].  I clicked on “Home,” and then I selected “Add videos and photos.”


From the file where it was saved, I clicked “Open.”

The bald head is at the very end.


I manually slid the video to before the moment that the bald head appeared.


I right-clicked on the video’s actual timeline, and I selected “Split.”


After you select “Split,” you will see that the video has two distinctive parts


I did not want the last part, and I clicked on that portion and then clicked “Delete” on my computer.


When I saved the edited video, I changed the name of the edited version, thus preserving the original, tool.

I did not like that the music did not fade and that it ended abruptly. To fix that problem,

Beneath the word “File,” I selected “Fade” and I applied the Fade at a Medium rate.


Go to File – Save Movie – Recommended for this project.


After the file was saved to my computer, I Uploaded it from my Youtube page.


After the tags and the title were added, I clicked “Publish.”

The following is the Edited Video:

The Following is the movie before the edits.

©Jacki Kellum December 4, 2016

How to Create A Movie from Photos in Movie Maker


Step 1 is actually a series of steps.

  1. For the Saks Fifth Avenue Movie, I began by taking photographs and videos with my iPhone 7s Plus, and I saved them in a folder that I called New York.


2. If I had shot the images with a better camera, I may have had better images. Images for movies should be large and of clear quality. To help ensure that the movie frames were consistent and that photos that are of smaller files do not seem blurry, I created a blank background on Photoshop, and I put the images and text on those backgrounds. The size of that background was 1600 pixels wide by 1848 pixels high.


3. Generally speaking, movies are made in a landscape or a horizontal format, but I allowed extra space at the bottom. I used that space for text. The lowest text is only visible when the screen is scrolled. I did not want the lowest text to distract from the movie screen. I only wanted it to be available for viewers who wanted more information.’


The lowest text is only visible when the screen is scrolled. I did not want the lowest text [above photo] to distract from the movie screen. I only wanted it to be available for viewers who wanted more information.’


In the above photo, the upper text appears in the movie without scrolling.


When I shifted toward the more fantasy-like part of the video, I changed the color of the background.

I created all of the movie scene photos on the same background [but I changed its color], and I saved all of the finished scene photos in a separate movie folder. I arranged them in chronological order and numbered them accordingly.


After I had completed all of this preliminary work, I opened Movie Maker, and I clicked on File – New Project.


When the New Project window opened, I clicked on Home – Add Videos and Photos.


I Shift-Clicked all of the images that I wanted for the movie, and I clicked “Open” to add them in chronological order–all at once.



I also wanted music, but I had prepared that selection before I began making the movie. To add the saved musical section to my movie, I clicked on Home again, and then, I selected “Add Music.”


Then select, “Add music from PC.”


From the folder where you saved the music, choose the selection.

Note: I found the musical piece through the site Jaemondo, and the piece is available only for personal use. After the fact, I discovered that Youtube use is considered commercial [even though I am not making money from the video]. Akashic Records, the arranger allowed me to continue to use the piece.  I am giving the arranger credit for that music, and the selection is Orchestral Jingle Bells. I felt that it captured the feeling of Christmas and the wonder of New York City. It rather sounds like the soundtrack of Home Alone.


Click “Open,” and the selection will open. You will see the musical file beneath the photos.


If you will notice, the above musical file does not fade. It stops abruptly. To fade the musical selection if Movie Make, Click “Options” and then click “Fade.”


To Save the Movie, go to File – Save Movie- Recommended for this project


I Upload the Saved Movie File From Youtube. I go to my Youtube accound and click on the button “Upload.”


Then, I click “Select files to upload.”


From my computer folder where the movie was saved, I select it.


After the movie is uploaded, I add a title, description, and tags. Then I select “Publish.”


©Jacki Kellum December 4, 2016



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