For today’s blog post, I decided to do something different. On Thursday, December 1, 2016, I visited New York City, and if there is a Panoply anywhere, it is in New York City–especially in December. I decided to truly show and not tell about my visit on December 1, 2016.

We began the day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but we immediately hailed a cab and rode to the American Girl Doll Place. I always try to visit that store in December. Then, we began to walk down Fifth Avenue and soon found ourselves feasting at the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue. On the front side of Saks–the side facing Rockefeller Plaza–incredible, not-to-miss puppet shows are displayed in every window.


During the daytime, Rockefeller Plaza reflects in the windows along the front.

In the windows along the side, there is a designer showcase.


We gazed into some of the Designer Showcase Windows at Saks.






The Saks Designer Windows  face St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Cathedral reflects in those windows.




I was particularly intrigued by a young lady who was singing and dancing for the Salvation Army. What a great, new look for the Salvation Army.

On the way back down to the Museum, we stopped at my favorite store in New York City – Mackenzie Childs.





Mackenzie Childs is a panoply all unto itself.

Image result for central park new york city autumn

We walked back down to the Metropolitan Museum, and we passed through Central Park which was basking in the very last of its autumnal blush, but the wind was cold, and it was whipping us. Like almost everyone else, we hurried through the park, and when we reached the museum, we were thrilled to be warm again.


We zipped through a Max Beckmann exhibit and scurried along to catch the lighting of the Angel Tree. Again, the Metropolitan Museum is always a panoply in itself, but the Angel Tree in December is beyond guiding the lily.

I have never been to New York City that I did not find it to be a panoply, but visiting there in December is almost too much to bear–in a delightfully delightful way, it is a Panoply.

©Jacki Kellum December 4, 2016