“Long ago, when the people were first on the earth and animals could still talk, a little boy strayed too far from his village. For days, the boy wandered lost, without food or water.

Then one day, he came upon Hah-hahts, Grizzly Bear.“Now Hah-hahts had heard from his friend Coyote that Nimíipuu were coming to live on the land.  Hah-hahts had never seen Nimíipuu, but he was sure he hated them. He thought Nimíipuu wanted to take away the land he loved.

Hah-hahts reared up on his hind legs and bared his sharp teeth and claws. ‘Child of Nimíipuu!’ he growled. ‘Do you think you can take my land from me? I will tear you to pieces with one swipe of my paw!’

“The boy just stood gazing at Hah-hahts. Finally he said in a quiet voice, All you can do is kill me. I am not afraid of death. Death is a part of life.’


“Hah-hahts stopped in his tracks. ‘All other animals fear me, but you do not!” he said. ‘You are as brave and as wise as Coyote. You must deserve to live on this land.

Come with me. I will show you all you need to know about your new home.’

“Hah-hahts flipped the boy onto his back and carried him off into the high country. He showed the boy the streams where Salmon ran in the spring and the homes of Deer and Elk.

He climbed along the backbone of the mountains and showed the boy the lands where Buffalo lived.

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“He pointed out huckleberry and serviceberry bushes and the meadows where camas bulbs grew.

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“Finally, Hah-hahts took the boy back to his village. ‘Now you know all I know about this land,’ he said. ‘Go and tell your people that as long as Nimíipuu honor the land, it will be theirs to use.’” Welcome to Kaya’s World, p. 22

Children’s Librarian Jacki Kellum has begun work toward launching an American Girl Doll Club. Enjoy this 2 minute video that retells the Native American Legend How Bear Helped Nimíipuu– [the Nimïipuu are the Nez Perce, who are Kaya, the American Girl Doll’s tribe]. The story is read by Jacki Kellum.

The club will officially begin January 20, 2017, and there will be videos about how to sew, cook, and design clothes for all of the American Girl Dolls. There will also be free videos that teach the history and the character of each doll. Kaya is the first doll for the American Girl Doll. american-girl-poster

©Jacki Kellum December 24, 2017 – Merry Christmas!