The Children’s Department of the Linwood Library in Linwood, New Jersey, Has a New Fairy Garden.

In honor of National Library Week, the Linwood Library’s Children’s Department is all about Fairies.

Miss Jacki created the first stage of a fairy garden that will soon become part of a large fairy garden that will be outside.  During the months of April, May, and June, the children will help Miss Jacki plant a children’s garden outside . The fairy garden will be part of that children’s garden.

Fairy Gardens have become  popular across the nation, and several craft places sell miniature statues and other assets to place in a fairy garden. All of the figures above are available at Big Lots.

Because Miss Jacki’s fairy garden is at our community’s library, she used the 6-piece Gnome & Mushroom Set from Big Lots, which includes a little house and which features a gnome and a fairy reading. The price of the 6-piece set is $20.00.

Big Lots also sells an abundance of fairy garden accessories. The price of this play set is $6.00, and the price of the bridge is $4.00.

Although the Big Lots items are made of plastic, they look like they have been carved from wood.

During the months of April and May, Miss Jacki will read several of Daniela Drescher’s books about fairies and elves.

In the Land of Fairies is a beautiful and magical book and it  begins:

“In the spring the woodland fairies dance and cast their spell
Turning to green the trees and plants.”

Drescner’s illustrations add to to magic:

“Midsummer time, a magic night,
So full of life,
Now fairies dress the woods with light.”

Following the tradition of the Irish and fairies, Drescher’s fairies are connected to the land and to nature and to the seasons, and her books carry the reader through the seasons.

In her book In the Land of the Elves, Drescher describes autumn:

“The days grow cold and leaves turn red
And elves get up from mossy bed.
Beneath the bushes creeps a mouse
While snails curl snugly in their house.”

A closer view at this illustration shows what an incredible feast Drescher’s illustrations are:

Her books also explore the changes of nature throughout the day and night:
“Then as dark begins to fall
For hours and hours the crickets call
And elves gaze in the pale moonlight
And watch the starry sky at night.”

Miss Jacki hopes to read all of Drescher’s fairy and elf books and to prepare the library’s children for the wonder and magic of nature.

Earth Day is April 22, 2017, and during the week between Earth Day and Arbor Day, Miss Jacki is asking all of Linwood’s children to bring a perennial to plant in the library’s children’s garden. More about that coming soon.

©Jacki Kellum April 3, 2017