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Listen to the Language of the Birds – The Melody of the Spirit

Have you ever considered how foolish it is to believe that groups of letters can represent substantial meaning? Yet, that is the construct of writing. We form letters together, and we expect our readers to take a leap of faith and to connect them to some greater understanding. For instance, we might expect the letters “a-p-p-l-e” to, by some magic, make us feel all tart, crunchy, juicy, and red inside. Yet, by merely spelling the word “apple,” a writer is telling his readers very little. A writer must add a bit of polish to the letters and hopefully, they can begin to mean.  Art is another way that we might sometimes bridge the divide between words and meaning, and  music is yet another way to do that, too. Sometimes, I believe that music may be one of the most successful ways that we can communicate emotions and understandings that lie deep within our souls.

Music is the shorthand of emotion. – Leo Tolstoy

I believe that music, for humans, is like the language of the birds.

“Where words fail, music speaks.’ – Hans Christian Andersenbirds-language

During the medieval period, people believed that in their singing, birds had a more direct means of communicating than that of words.

The Tao says that feeling cannot be conveyed verbally and that as soon as we begin to verbalize a feeling, the emotion vanishes, and even in Ancient Greece, music was believed to have an almost magical power.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. – Plato

Quite often, music catches me and whisks me away into an emotion or a previous part of my own history. To some extent, I agree with Dick Clark that “Music is the soundtrack of your life.”

Certainly, when I hear the song “Johnny Angel,” I think about the days when I was in 7th grade and my friends and I would squeeze into a booth at the local snack bar and put quarters into the little jukeboxes that were mounted at the ends of each booth. I was 12-years-old, and I always ordered a fried hot dog sandwich and french fries, and my meal was served in a little, red, plastic basket with stiff white paper springing out of it. I always drank a cherry coke.

There is no doubt that songs carry us back to different parts of our own histories. In reality, however, I believe that what we hear in a melody is more than a replay of our own personal pasts. I believe that music also touches a deeper chord than that.

I am in the process of learning to use the free app Audacity, and I am editing copyright-free music that I find on the site Jamendo. The past few nights, I have listened for hours to musical clips that I have never heard before. I clearly like some of the arrangements better than I do others. Some music is happy, some is dark, some is sad, and some is downright cacophonous.

“A ‘scream’ is always just that – a noise and not music.” –  Carl Jung

Keep in mind that all of the music clips on Jamendo are original, and I have never heard any of the music there before. Therefore, I have no nostalgia to direct me to like one piece or another, and none of the songs remind me of letter sweaters, bobby socks, poodle skirts, and saddle oxfords. I simply prefer some sounds over others, and I believe that it is because of the way that some sounds connect more favorably to something inside myself than others do.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – Victor Hugo

Nature also has an ability to directly communicate with me.

“I find peace where the sun kissed leaves dance in the melody of the cool breeze that floats through the air.” ― Saim Cheeda


I believe that there are musical notes that feel right to us and that there are elements of nature that feel right to us. I also believe that there are words that are just right.  I further believe that all of us have within ourselves a need for order–a need for that just rightness. Ultimately, I believe that when we deviate from that elemental rightnesss, we begin to suffer or long.

“Neurosis is the suffering of a soul which has not discovered its meaning.”
― C.G. Jung

“To the extent that a man is untrue to the law of his being…he has failed to realize his own life’s meaning.
The undiscovered vein within us is a living part of the psyche; classical Chinese philosophy names this interior way “Tao,” and likens it to a flow of water that moves irresistibly towards its goal. To rest in Tao means fulfillment, wholeness, one’s destination reached, one’s mission done; the beginning, end, and perfect realization of the meaning of existence innate in all things.”
― C.G. Jung

In the Hindu tradition, that place of fulfillment is believed to be within the Soul.

“Symphony starts when you walk together, feel the heart beats and understand the unspoken words.”
― Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step

“Life is not a battle to win but to sing a melody.”
― Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step

“Reconnect with the highest truth and ignite the divine sparks in you.”
― Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step


The Taoists believe that the homesick have lost “The Way,” and the Hindus believe that the homesick need to be awakened to their Souls or to be Enlightened. Christians believe that people simply need to trust Jesus, who Christians call “The Light of the World.” And finally, there are the people who claim to be seeking nothing at all.

“Observance of customs and laws can very easily be a cloak for a lie so subtle that our fellow human beings are unable to detect it. It may help us to escape all criticism, we may even be able to deceive ourselves in the belief of our obvious righteousness. But deep down, below the surface of the average man’s conscience, he hears a voice whispering, ‘There is something not right,’ no matter how much his rightness is supported by public opinion or by the moral code.”

― C.G. Jung

I do believe that some people have become numb to the subtle whisperings of the soul and that with their fancy trinkets, exotic trips, and their fast lifestyles, they have almost completely drowned out their longings for wholeness. But I also believe that everyone, except for the most hardened sociopaths, still have occasions when they long to allow themselves to sing and to sing, “Not worrying if it is good enough for anyone else to hear…[But to] Just Sing. Sing a Song.”

“Wake up, live your life and sing the melody of your soul.”
― Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step

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René Guénon on The Language of the BIrds Here

Make Professional Voice Recordings on iPhone and Ipad with the Free App Voice Record Pro

Approximately 500 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute, and that number has steadily increased. In addition, videos are also uploaded to Vimeo, Facebook, and blog sites. The digital movie industry is a big business, but the competition in that market is fierce. Yet, it is reasonable that anyone who is marketing online needs to examine the potential of harnessing digital video  as a means to help them attain their business goals. The use of digital video is also becoming more and more popular in education.

A couple of years ago, Youtube marketers needed to invest in sophisticated sound equipment to make their online movies,podcasts, and movie clips, but that is no longer the case. Because of the  free, but sophisticated voice recording app Voice Record Pro, everyone can turn a corner of their lodging or office space into an almost professional recording studio. If the movie maker also uses the Free Software Audacity, the quality of his sound will become better still. I’ll be sharing information about Audacity later today, but in this post, I’ll tell you what you need to know about Voice Record Pro.

If you watch the following video, you can be professionally recording your own voice in minutes. Although the following video only mentions iPhone, the instructions for using the app Video Recorder Pro with the Ipad are essentially the same.

About three years ago, I tried to make some videos of myself teaching how to use Photoshop, and I bought an expensive microphone and paid for some expensive software to do the job. The sound quality of my videos was terrible,  a few minutes ago, I downloaded Video Recorder Pro and recorded my voice with both my iPhone 6s+ and my Ipad Pro. I was stunned at how much the recording sounded like me.

I’ll review what is said in the above video.

  1. The voice recorder that comes standard with Iphones in Voice Memos is not adequate for professional sound recordings.

voice-pro-screenshot2. Voice Record Pro and not Voice Recorder Pro 7 or any other similar name is the app that you want to download.


3. Before you begin recording, gointo your Iphone’s settings, and select Airplane Mode. This will also turn off your Wi-Fi. You will need to remember to turn the Airplane Mode back off, but while your device is on Airplane Mode, you will not receive calls or messages.



4. When you click the Record button, you will see a screen where that shows you the Present Recording Settings. You will need to migrate to the Advance options and enter the above numbers in the fields provided.

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