Painting Title: Janis Joplin – Watercolor on Arches – 2012

Jacki Kellum essentially has 3 masters degrees–one of which is in painting and one of which is English, with an emphasis in writing.  For her master’s degree in English, Kellum wrote her thesis on William Blake, the author/illustrator of Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. Like William Blake, Jacki Kellum both writes and makes visual art.  Also like Blake, much of Kellum’s research has to do with childhood, the inner child, and how the loss of the inner child affects the human spirit. Kellum views the writing of Memoir as a way to reclaim one’s inner childhood.

Being an artist is a way of Being–of Becoming Aware–of Increasing from Within–of Wondering–and of Inventing because of that Wonder. – Jacki Kellum


Because of her work with visual art, Jacki Kellum is particularly sensitive to visual images and has developed some techniques to help other people become more visually sensitive, too . On October 1, 1016, Jacki Kellum will launch her Free Online Memoir Writing Event Mine Your Memories: Find Your Voice.Many of the Free Memoir Challenge exercises are designed to help participants sharpen their appreciations of visual imagery and to help them write more descriptively. In exploring the images that are specifically parts of their pasts, the participants will begin to find their Writer’s Voices.