Painting Title: Janis Joplin – Jacki Kellum

Prints Will Be Available for Sale by February 2018

Jacki Kellum is a visual artist who currently paints and teaches from her studio at 111 Cheltenham Avenue in Linwood, New Jersey,  which is on the New Jersey Shore.

Sunflower – Watercolor on Arches – Jacki Kellum

Many people who are familiar with Jacki’s art recognize her as a colorist who paints loosely and flamboyantly.

In the Pink – Jacki Kellum – Watercolor on Arches

But most people do not realize that before she begins to paint anything in her typically free and fanciful manner, Jacki always does realistically detailed and intricate pencil drawings of her subject matter.  She does this to increase her understanding of the subject, which is a necessity in allowing her to paint in a bolder and more spontaneous style. 

Jacki Kellum’s Garden in Linwood, New Jersey

Jacki Kellum is an avid gardener, and she often paints flowers from her own garden or en plein aire, while traveling.

Wild Arnica and Lupine – Jacki Kellum Watercolor
Painted on Location in Alaska

Cotton Plant – Ready for the Harvest – Jacki Kellum
Graphite Pencil Drawing

Ms. Kellum grew up in the rural, cotton-growing Mississippi River Delta part of Southeast Missouri, which is called the Bootheel, and when she was 18-years-old, she moved to Mississippi, where she studied art and writing at the University of Mississippi.  Although she has lived on the Jersey Shore for several of the most recent years, much of her art is reminiscent of her Southern, rural roots.

Cow – Graphite Pencil on Arches – Jacki Kellum

Jacki Kellum’s childhood hometown was Gideon, Missouri, which is also where pro baseball player Mark Littell grew up. In 2017, Littell wrote his second book of autobiographical tales Country Boy Conveniently Wild, which is a collection of stories about his rural upbringing.

Mark Littell and Jacki Kellum were childhood friends, and when she was asked to illustrate some of Mark’s stories for his book, Jacki felt that her graphite drawings would be more appropriate than her bold florals. Because of her work on Mark’s project, Jacki has added graphite pencil to her gallery.

Bandit the Raccoon – Graphite Pencil on Arches – Jacki Kellum

Jacki Kellum is currently offering for sale both the originals and prints of her pencil work, as well as colored prints and originals of her watercolors, colored pencils, pastels, and oils.



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